1.FRAME OF EXISTENCE An expression of the mindset that creates reality at least the sense of it, the actual frame through which you create a perception of your reality that’s the actual frame of existence, but the actual frame of existence is what perceptions you create in that time stamp till you have an experience with it “The Frame Of Existence”

2. FARMING PHILOSOPHY (Farming philosophy is the creations of a few guidelines you create to navigate through life) and a criticism of the ethical world view and non-right frameworks that create or lands you to an opinion.

3.BRUSHSTROKE Brushstroke by brushstroke-step by step This is a reference to how anything you do is like a brushstroke that can me molded into anything with every stroke after another into something beautiful but also a reminder that it takes time and calculated effort like step by step. The river example of how you stand in the fog and want to cross the river and have to take calculated steps in order to advance with it.

4.VISIONS OF FUTURE A vision of better tomorrow for everyone a path or a way for a better tomorrow.

5. POWER OF INDIVIDUAL The power of an individual that a single person can bring upon a change in the patterns of whatever he/she puts their mind to.

6.THE WINNING SPIRIT Is the unreasonable approach for stepping out and doing things that seemed very uncanny and unapproachable.

7.BREAKING THE CONSTRAINS OF CULTURE To break the constrains of culture to create a new one or at least for the social progress of men.

8.SOCIAL COMMENTRY ON THE CONDITION Social commentary on the condition of beings as collectively and then on an individual’s social and psychological conditioning.

9. THE ORGANIZATION OF UNCERTAINITY It is an alignment of uncertainty and unplanned things that somehow, we end up in happiness or better as planned.

10.BREAKING THE SOCIAL NORMS Breaking what’s normal is society to push boundaries for its advance.

11.META RENAISSANCE The age of the internet, it is a process by which you end up creating thing sitting in your living room which gave rise to a new social culture where people interact be freer than they are in real life and point out opinions much more clearly which creates an environment for a very rapid development of social structure and newer arts, business, and technology.

12.METAMODERNISM Age of internet-its effect on art, philosophy, culture and the change it brings in human life and its effect and the path it has paved seeing the condition of society and the rout it is on, a social responsibility to spread positive message to leave a better world than what we found.

13.HISTORICAL REVIVAL Many things to take from our past our history and a chance with a platform to put light on things and to some extend use current issue, on our social commentary.


We one a movement from A to point B with a message to get yourself together and u=build a better you firstly and then a better world and better future.  Concepts explained through fabric.

 Every concept is a mental state I have been through, and we all go through as sentient individual being.

 Observations of the world is where our curiosity starts and builds it into a story then later analytically a concept then is designed into a garment as an expression of the concept.

 The world is our teacher.

 Breaking the box there are no limits.

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